Adoption blog

So, we are 2 Mums and 2 boys living in South London. Biff came to us at 8 months, he is now 8 years old. Buster came to us aged 2 and he is now 5. Our boys are unrelated by birth and have very different backgrounds and histories. This blog is intended to give a snap shot of life in our adoptive family, salient points from our journey and hopefully some insight and advice for potential and current adopters and their families.

Oh and I’ve also published a couple of children’s books for LGBT families called

Two Dads and Two Mums and a Menagerie– available on Amazon. Click on the book titles here. Also available in most bookshops.




3 thoughts on “Adoption blog

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about it! Want to know the whole process- not just the nice bits- the bits they don’t tell you in books xxx

  2. Lovely to find a new adoption blog. I look forward to hearing about you and your family. Perhaps you’ll consider linking up to The Weekly Adoption Shout Out – a weekly linky for adoption related blogs?

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