As Buster’s language improved we decided we should give part time nursery a try. Buster’s first foray into education was a heart wrenching mix of him being petrified I’d abandoned him (they had to peel the poor love off the nursery door every morning after I left) and him struggling with new relationships.

It was only mornings and I was allowed to stay in with him for the first 2 weeks.  This made a massive difference to his transition into nursery but he found the first term the most difficult and he didn’t make any friends largely because he did a lot of bashing. However he did enjoy the toys and games on offer and as the weather improved and he was able to go outside and get stuck into the big bikes, bricks and tractors, he started to let his guard down.

I really appreciated having mornings to myself and by the time I picked him up at midday I was in a calm and refreshed mood. We did lots of walks to the park, picnic lunches and play dates during this time.

By the end of the second term Buster was in more of a flow and had made some tentative friendships.  It was clear he still had some issues around sharing and bashing and I was being called in a lot to deal with outbursts.  I began to feel quite singled out at pick up time as I was beckoned in to deal with yet another fracas. Eventually we decided on a home school book in which the nursery teacher communicated the day’s events and I could share with Buster at home and we could talk together. This was much more effective. We had a home/school reward system of Peppa Pig  TV for good days and a trip to the sweetie shop on Fridays. Overall this worked well and Buster’s nursery experience became much more positive.20150212_114532


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